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NBA Questionable Call Swag Video

NBA Fight Night: Ryan Hollins vs Charlie Villanueva In Fake-Me-Out Malice At The Palace


Things got a little testy during the Cavs-Pistons game Monday night, as Charlie Villanueva took exception to some comments by Ryan Hollins and decided to see what was really hood. Hollins managed to earn some street cred in the process, for showing more heart than that wrestling family from Canada.

The incident arose after Villanueva tried to set a screen on Hollins, with both men getting tangled up following a stoppage in play. After some light trash talk, the situation quickly escalated as both men had their hands in each other’s faces like a standard chick fight in front of the club.

Following the brief altercation, Hollins could be seen with a huge smile on face, basically letting Villanueva know that he was down for whatever. Even though Hollins may be a little light in the azz, it’s going to take a lot more than Charlie Villanueva to put fear in his heart.

A few minutes after the altercation ended, officials decided to eject both Villanueva and Hollins for their roles in the incident, sending Villanueva in a fury as he tried to charge towards the Cavs bench, before being quickly restrained by Pistons players and personnel, before exiting the building.

Villanueva was also spotted trying to challenge Hollins to a fight in the tunnel, waving towards Hollins to come get some. Naturally the situation didn’t escalate any further as both men eventually dipped off the court.

Video of the Villanueva-Hollins altercation after the jump…



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