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NBA Fight Night: Paul Pierce Gets Booted From Game 1 of Eastern Semis (Kind Of Felonious)


Celtics legend Paul Pierce was the victim of some questionable officiating during the C’s loss in Game 1 of the Eastern Semis.

Pierce picked up his first tech early in the 4th quarter after getting a little too salty following what should have been a flagrant foul by James Jones, head-butting the Heat’s sharpshooter after the two got involved in some jaw-jacking.

Pierce’s 2nd tech came just a few minutes later in the game, after getting into some shenanigans with Dwyane Wade, that almost led to a mini-scuffle.

Pierce set a few hard (but legal) screens on Wade as he tried to free up teammate Ray Allen for an easy bucket. Wade actually threw his shoulder into Pierce, setting off the situation, as both men drew techs for their role.

Sadly, Pierce was a victim of this new softer NBA, where even future hall of famers are treated like red-headed stepchildren.


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