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NBA Fight Night: Marvin Williams vs Shawne Williams


It’s rare that you see 2 dudes with the same namesake battling out in the NBA, especially in the wake of all the rules put in place to soften up the League as of late, but that’s exactly what got cracking Friday night in Atlanta between Marvin Williams and Shawne Williams (no relation).

Its hard to tell what incited the incident, but Marvin Williams appeared to be quite salty at Shawne Williams in the events leading up to the fisticuffs and did fire the first shot by pushing Shawne off of him after the 2 players got in each other’s grills. Both players were eventually ejected from the game for the altercation.

For his role in the fight, Marvin Williams was suspended for the next 2 games without pay and has also been nominated for the “Studio Thug of the Week” Award as a result of his actions.

Video of Marvin Williams and Shawne Williams trying to catch a fade after the jump…


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