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NBA Questionable Call Swag Video

NBA Fight Night: Lakers vs Mavs Brawl (Matt Barnes Deebo’s Mavs Assistant Coach Terry Stotts)


NBA fans getting a little more than they bargained for during TNT’s second game of their doubleheader between the Lakers and the Mavs.

Although the game itself didn’t provide much entertainment, as the Lakers served Big D like some B. Pumper, a near brawl in the 4th quarter did manage to keep things interesting.

The end result was the ejections of Jason Terry, Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, Brendan Haywood and Shannon Brown.

Trailing by 17 points, Jason Terry decided to deliver an extra hard foul on Steve Blake, a sign of some obvious frustrations. Natch (“naturally” in square jargon) Blake didn’t take to kindly to the shove and got all up in Terry’s grill, letting him know that he wasn’t rolling with all that mambo jahambo….[MORE]

Players from both teams rushed to separate the two and Lakers reserve forward Matt Barnes came to Blake’s defense like  Champ Bailey, trying to get a courtesy shove in on Terry, before getting removed from the action by one of the refs and eventually ejected.

As Barnes walked past the Mavs sideline, he was still inebriated with anger and took exception to Mavs assistant coach Terry Stotts (aka “Rich Man’s Rudy Tomjanovich”), trying to wrap his arms around him to calm him down.

Barnes forcibly removed Stotts grasp around him, forcing the coach to the ground and yelling various obscenities, before bouncing from the arena the applause of the Staples Center crowd.

Barnes, who has often been labeled a hothead, just managed to endear himself to Lakers fans, earning his stripes so to speak.

After the League sorts through this mess, odds are that Terry and Barnes could be looking at some multi-game suspensions, whilst Blake and Haywood should likely receive a less severe punishment.


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