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NBA Fight Night: Dwyane Wade Tells Ryan Hollins “I’m A F#$k You Up” During Cavs-Heat Game


Things got testy early on during the Heat-Cavs game, with LeBron forced to play peacemaker after Dwyane Wade got into a some verbal fisticuffs with Ryan Hollins following some physical play.

Wade got into Hollins grill and had a few choice words before LeBron came in and quickly grabbed while simultaneously pushing Hollins away.

As Wade walked away from the scene, our lip reading expert suggests that he told Hollins “I’m a f**k you up,” in an attempt to try and punk the former UCLA big man. Both Wade and Hollins were hit with techs following the incident.

Unfortunately the move didn’t work as Hollins proceeded to have one of his best games of the season, dropping 13 points, one below his season high.

Byron Scott wanted the Cavs players to send a message that they aren’t rolling with LeBron, despite the fact that he is responsible for most of them having NBA careers, and the entire team appeared focused on servicing the Heat with a cherry on top.

Video of the Wade-Hollins almost fight after the jump…


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