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NBA Questionable Call Video

NBA Fight Night: Baron Davis vs Lakers


Now to the average moderately-educated basketball fan, this appears to be Clippers guard Baron Davis giving Pau Gasol a wild elbow whilst getting double-teamed. The reality is Davis was simply administering a textbook “rip-through” with both hands securely on the ball, a standard resource for offensive players to get a defender from all up in their grill. Gasol is a Euro so by nature he is good at flopping, after he absorbed the initial contact, he then decided to fall back a few making it look worse than it actually was.

Now the fact that the Clippers were down 20 at the time and Davis was slapped in the face by Derek Fisher immediately before delivering the “rip-through,” may have had something to do with Davis swinging through with deliberate force. After the play BD and D-Fish got in each other’s faces, but knowing that these dudes are actually friends and play ball together during the legendary summertime runs at UCLA, it was obvious that the dispute would just be limited to some verbal jousting.

BD was given a Flagrant 1 for the play, but fortunately was not ejected, despite the objections of Lakers’ broadcasters Joel Meyers and Stu Lantz. Naturally.

Lakers broadcast version of the incident after the jump…



  1. Joe Mamma January 16, 2010

    he barely even touched him. Pau is a big baby!


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