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NBA Fight: Kevin Garnett Tries To Choke Out Knicks’ Bill Walker Following Loss

[GIF via Jose3030]


Good to see that despite a lockout that delayed the start of the season, Kevin Garnett hasn’t lost any of that fire that drives him. Unfortunately that fires is going to cost him to lose a little dough and possibly miss a few games.

Following the C’s season-opening loss to the Knicks, in which KG had the chance to extend the action with a game-tying buzzer beater that was just off the mark, Garnett  got into a minor scuffle with Bill Walker and tried to choke him out before Baron Davis stepped in to break things up.

KG was asked about the incident after the game but chose not to comment on it by doing his best Drew Rosenhaus “next question” impersonation. But naturally Garnett can expect a call from David Stern and them for his Ike Turner moment.

Video of Garnett trying to choke out Bill Walker after the jump…


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