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NBA Questionable Call Swag Video

NBA Fight: Juwan Howard vs Hilton Armstrong


Thinngs got a little testy during the Heat-Wizards game Monday night in South Beach, as a few minor incidents arose including the ejection of both Juwan Howard and Hilton Armstrong after a 3rd quarter scuffle, and a shoving match between James Jones and Kirk Hinrich later in the game.

Following a hard foul by Armstrong on Heat center Joel Anthony that was deemed a flagrant 2 (automatic ejection), Juwan Howard reacted accordingly, giving Armstrong a solid push in the back as he attempted to give Anthony a courtesy helping hand.

As to be expected, a minor melee ensued and since there wasn’t anything but “studio thugs” on the court, nothing really escalated as both Howard and Armstrong were told to hit the showers.

Both men should be expecting to hear from the League soon, and should have some bread-breaking and an unpaid vacation on the horizon.



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