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NBA Fight: Dwyane Wade and Erik Spoelstra Get Into Some Verbal Fisticuffs During Heat’s Game 3 Loss


In what could be viewed as an ominous sign of things to come, All-Star guard Dwyane Wade displayed some questionable behavior and might have even spit in the ear of head coach Erik Spoelstra, during the Heat’s Game 3 blowout loss at the Pacers.

After a dismal first half and 3rd quarter, in which could be seen letting his poor offense get in the way of his defensive responsibilities, cameras show Wade and Spoelstra getting to a heated (for lack of a better word) discussion, as Wade had to be restrained by teammates.

Although it’s not clear what Spoelstra exactly said to Wade to get the verbal fisticuffs cracking, it is clear that Wade is visibly frustrated with what’s cracking right now, and is letting emotions cloud his vision on the court and hurting the squad, led by MVP LeBron James.

Trailing 2-1 and without the services of Chris Bosh for likely the remainder of the season,  the Heat are still in control of their own destiny, and if Wade can bounce and use his powers for good instead of evil, then the Heat can avoid another embarrassing exit from the playoffs.

Video of the Wade-Spoelstra confrontation after the jump


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