NBA Fight: Carmelo Anthony Tries To Fight Kevin Garnett For Saying His Main Boo Lala “Tastes Like Honey Nut Cheerios”

Kevin Garnett Honey Nut Cheerios


Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett have some explaining to do after an on-court altercation turned into some real-life gangster shenanigans, as Melo made numerous attempts to show KG what was really hood after the game.

What appeared to be the common banter associated with playing against the Celtics and the jaw-jacking Garnett, proved otherwise as reports surfaced claiming that KG allegedly told Melo that his wife Lala, “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

Several security guards and even Knicks coach Mike Woodson created a mediation to restrain Melo as he attempt to like Garnett know that he wasn’t with all that boo-disrespecting mambo jahambo, both near the Celtics locker room and their team bus.

Garnett, who is by all accounts a cool ass dude off the court, does have a history of crossing the line during games, with Charlie Villanueva wet-snitching on the future Hall of Famer and claiming that KG called him a “cancer patient.”

If Garnett did indeed say that Melo’s boo tasted like some cereal, and Melo attempted to fight him over wifey as a result, then it has been determined that both dudes are guilty of violating the unwritten, but internationally known rules and regulation of the game.

There are a few rules that govern the shit talking parameters of professional sports, especially in the heat of battle:

Whilst talking shit during competition, the only universal things that are off limits are Moms, Main Boos, kids (especially if they’re Bongo) or deceased friends and family members.

Anything beyond that is fair game including but not limited to:

body abnormalities, musty odor, hogg length/width/shape, awkward facial features, odd-shaped foreheads, proximity in appearance to any other notable human/animal/character, ashy ligaments and finally, any current or former boo that has not been officially wifed or baby mama’d (whether intentional or not).

According to Melo, he spoke with KG over the phone and squashed the beef, and although David Stern and them will likely be hollering at both stars in the near future, this should make for an interesting rivalry in the interim.

[via Celtics Life]

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