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NBA Fight: Apparently Chris Paul Doesn’t Like It When Other Men Rub The Top Of His Head


Welp Los Angeles, looks like the Clippers and Lakers finally have a rivalry; and if last night was a sign of things to come, the next few years should be damn near incredible. And Chris Paul and Pau Gasol added some fuel to the fire with some slight fisticuffs late in the 4th quarter with the game already decided.

Following a foul, Gasol and CP3 got into it as they walked down the court, with Paul seen calling the Lakers effeminate big man “soft.” Gasol reacted by rubbing Paul’s head, sending him into a frenzy as CP3 responded by angrily rubbing Gasol’s head back in retaliation.

CP3 and Kobe could be seen having a heated discussion as Gasol shot his free throws, with Paul once again letting it be known that he thought the Euro was “soft.” Seeing how Kobe has already been spotted making the same affirmation to Lakers coach Mike Brown earlier this season, I’m sure he respectfully agreed.

After getting served in the preseason and first regular season meeting against their arena-sharing counterparts, the Lakers showed that they have pretty much had enough of all the new King of LA talks, getting up in the Clippers azz like a wedgie en route to a 96-91 win in what was home game for the purple and gold.

The entire game was what the squares like to call “chippy,” with players from both sides getting into minor situations, including Lakers forward Josh McRoberts getting ejected in the 3rd quarter following some shenanigans with Clippers forward Reggie Evans.

Metta World Peace also took on an instigator role, annoying the dickens out of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and other Clips with his aggressive/smothering on-court demeanor.

With the Lakers becoming the red-headed stepchild to this new and improved Clippers squad, they showed last night that they ain’t rolling with all that mambo jahambo and that they refuse to bow down.

Video of the Chris Paul/Pau Gasol head-rubbing incident and CP3’s postgame comments after the jump…


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