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Name That Celebrity JerseyChaser…

John Krease Apr 15


Los Angeles is the JerseyChaser spotting capital of the world. In a matter of hours you had spottings of the Jonas Brothers, the hottest boy band since 98 Degrees and The Backstreet Boys where topping the charts, at the Dodgers game.

And then down the highway two of the sickest actors today are chilling at the Lakers game. No other city or teams are giving you A-List quality spottings like that right there.

Then there are your D-Listers, like the dude sitting next to Jack. He has a very familiar face, but we bet you do not know his name nor can you name something he’s played in. Find out who he is below, plus pictures of the Jonas Brothers!

Com’n Little Miss Sunshine. It’snone other than Greg Kinnear. And now what you have been waiting on…


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