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NAACP Honors Donald Sterling With 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

Donald Sterling NAACP Lifetime Achievement Awards


Despite being a full-fledged racist with a documented history of discrimination towards minorities, Clippers owner Donald Sterling is set to receive his second Lifetime Achievement award from the NAACP.

Fate, it seems, is not without its sense of irony. Here I thought that only the most interesting man in the world could win the same lifetime achievement award twice, and now it appears that Sterling, who is definitely in the running for the most racist man in sports, is accomplishing the same feat.

This will be the third time that the NAACP has honored Sterling for his contribution to the advancement of colored people, thanks in large part to the work that the Donald T. Sterling foundation has done in the LA community, which has offered grants to various charities, including the NAACP.

Even though Stern’s racism has been about as hidden as Rihanna’s tig ‘ol bitties at a Nets playoff game, Clippers head coach Doc Rivers and current players Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are all members of the executive board of Sterling’s foundation:

Donald T Sterling Foundation Executive BoardAlthough I can’t knock what the NAACP has done for the advancement of colored people, by honoring someone with a history of racism like Donald Sterling, the organization is showing that it is really only interested with the advancement of the NAACP.

Hopefully Sterling’s award is rescinded and he is replaced by someone who is actually deserving.

[via Deadspin]

An excerpt from Sterling’s proposed NAACP Award speech:


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