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Moss Shows He’s Better Than TO with Catch

Randy Moss is the man. With his last-second touchdown against the Jets last night, he added on to the argument that he’s the best Wide Receiver in the league. Even though the Patriots did not come away with the win, the catch was sick and quietly, Randy Moss is having a pretty decent year.

Without his starting QB, Randy has 5 TD receptions and 615 yards… and he has his team fighting for the top spot in their division. Meanwhile, TO has not had his Romo for a few games and his whinning has not stopped. He was having a subpar year when Romo was there and he has continued to do so as Romos been out – and the Cowboys record shows.

Being replaced by Witten as the number one receiver on the team, TO is sadly sinking into mediocrity. And this year, even when he is trying to keep is mouth shut, he still whines too much. You do not hear Randy Moss complaining about Brady being hurt… he just suits up and does his best. I say if the Cowboys lose 2 more games, we will be seeing TO crying…so have your tivo’s ready.


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