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Questionable Call

Money Mayweather Predicts 8th-Round K.O. vs Mosley

“It’s not my fault that I’m god-gifted and they’re just talented.”


With the fight that nobody has been waiting for now less than a day away, Floyd Mayweather went over the airwaves recently to predict the outcome of his fight against Shane Mosley Saturday in Vegas (aka The city built by Losers). Mayweather has been clowning Mosley viciously leading up the bout, with Sugar Shane unable to come back with any solid retorts given his extreme punch-drunkness. Mosley struggles to make even a basic sentence coherent, but does have a slim shot to pull an upset that would all but ruin any chance for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight that both the gamblers and squares have been waiting for.

Money Mayweather predicts an 8th-round knockout, we’ll find out in a little over 24 hours if the man knows what he is talking about.


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