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Misty May-Treanor “Crip Walks” To Celebrate 3rd Straight Olympic Beach Volleyball Gold Medal


After Serena Williams displayed some Olympic swag by doing a rendition of the “Blood Walk” to celebrate her tennis singles gold medal (she would team with sister Venus to win the doubles as well), Beach Volleyball star Misty May-Treanor decided to follow suit.

Following the May-Treanor/Walsh-Jennings win over fellow Americans April Ross and Jen Kessy, Misty decided to celebrate her 3rd straight Beach Volleyball gold medal by attempting to do a rudimentary version of the notorious “Crip Walk,” to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem.

It should be noted that Misty May attended Long Beach State during the city’s heyday, when Warren G, Snoop and the Dogg Pound were really out there getting it in and the LBC not only stood for Long Beach City, but also “Long Beach Crip.”

You may recall that around this time period during the notorious summers in Long Beach fools would get tossed for reaching across a bbq grill and instead were encouraged to continue to chill.

No word if May-Treanor’s “Crip Walk” created a false flaggin’ beef between her and Serena, but it they are going to battle then they might as well settle it with a Twerk Off. May-Treanor’s donkey game is no where near Serena’s so she’d be an underdog most definitely.

Obviously this is just a joke so all you squares out there that lack wit and charisma just relax. However, if Misty May ever really did want to become a Crip, guaranteed she wouldn’t get jumped into the gang ;)

Video of Misty May-Treanor doing the “Crip Walk” as well as West Coast rapper WC’s legendary version from the classic Up in Smoke Tour after the jump…


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