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Vick Pleads Guilty…Now Set For July 20, 2009 Release

John Krease Nov 25

Vick has just plead guilty to one felony count of engaging in or promoting dogfighting (the charge of beating or killing or causing dogs to fight other dogs was dropped!) in a Surry County Circuit Court in Virgina this morning. During the hearing, Vick addressed the judge after pleading guilty and said, “I would just like to apologize to the court, my family and all the kids who looked up to me as a role model”. Awww!

Now with all charges out the way, he can be released from federal prison to a federal halfway house up to 6 months prior to his scheduled release date in July. All he has to do is stay out of trouble and pray that Goodell lets him return to the NFL in 2009.

In a statement released yesterday, Goodell was quoted as saying, “The good news is I don’t have to make that decision right now. He hasn’t finished serving his time, and the legal process isn’t completed, and I said he was suspended until that process was completed. And at that point I will make a decision on his ability to play in the NFL.” So sign our petition to help him with his decision.



  1. macey November 25, 2008

    Mr. Goodell I am not a football fan nor am I a michael vick fan, I am a animal lover and own two dogs, however I have followed this case and I do believe that Michael Vick deserves a second chance at his career. So I am asking you sir, to please allow him the opportunity to resume his career in the nfl, we all make mistakes and make bad choices, and get a second chance, I know that for a fact because I have had a second chance and I thank God for it everday, I’m sure this is something that Vick would even think about doing again so please give him a second chance.

  2. Lynn November 26, 2008

    In the words of Roddy White….FREE MIKE VICK!

  3. Lynn November 27, 2008

    Thank you Gerald Poindexter for speaking the truth about this:

    The dismissal of the cruelty charges was inconsistent with the federal case that resulted in a nearly two-year sentence.

    “That was simply a part of the plea agreement,” Surry County prosecutor Gerald Poindexter said. “I feel that what I did today was approved by more than a majority of the people of Surry County.”

    Poindexter didn’t believe the state was too lenient in its prosecution. He leveled charges of overzealous prosecution against the federal government and the United States attorneys office. He said Vick’s celebrity led to the federal case.

    “How often have you run into the United States attorney’s office charging people for conspiring to commit a misdemeanor,” Poindexter said. “That’s what was done in this case. What they allegedly did and what they pled guilty to, the substance of it was that up to May 7, 2007, in federal law it was a misdemeanor. But to enhance the seriousness of it, these [four] guys were charged with conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor. That’s kind of unusual.”

    “I think quite honestly, you combine Michael Vick, [Surry County Sheriff] Harold Brown and Gerald Poindexter and a lot of the criticism was racist,” Poindexter said. “If you want to read the letters in my office you would come to the same conclusion.”


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