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Mike Vick to Plead Guilty via iChat

Having already served 10 months on a 23 month sentence, Mike Vick is set to enter a guilty plea for dog fighting charges in Virgina. The plea will be entered by Vick the day before Halloween via a video conference (video to come). By entering this plea Vick will be eligible to move into a halfway house and have his sentence reduced by a number of months.

Now all we must worry about is if Commissioner Goodell will find it in his heart to let Vick return to the NFL without any suspension or delay, don’t keep the fans waiting! But, a good Samaritan like myself wonders what happened to the dogs..


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  1. Frank DuModular November 7, 2008

    You are a Vick sympathizer and that is deplorable. This sorry excuse for a role model, took pleasure in torture and haneous crimes against innocent creatures. Obviously you aren’t a dog lover, and would understand why it cost 1million dollars to take care of these tramatized animals. Doggy facials, massages, paw trimmers, and flea exfoliation is an expensive process. Not to mention the nuturional supplements it will take to get those poor animals healthy again. Vick is getting what he deserves, and I hope he rots in that cell. I hope he never plays football again, and is treated like an outcast..like that bastard O.J.


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