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Michigan Kicker Says “Brunette Girls” Helped Him Make Game-Winning Field Goal At Sugar Bowl


Following a game-winning 37-yard field goal that got Michigan the win over Virginia Tech in the 2012 Sugar Bowl, Brendan Gibbons attributed his ability to knock down the clutch kick to “brunette girls.”

In a postgame press conference Gibbons was asked about the game-winner and gave one of the most legendary answers of all times:

Every time we were struggling in kicking, coach tells me to think about girls on a beach or brunette girls, so that’s what we did. Made the kick.

Gibbons response had most of the (inevitably square) press in the room laughing in disbelief, as he tried to keep it realer than real.

Wonder what would have happened if Gibbons said he was thinking about brunette guys during the kick?


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