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Michael Irvin Jacked “His” Show Idea…


Michael Irvin’s new show “4th and Long” on Spike TV might just not be his after all. Three producers are claiming that Irvin straight jacked them for the concept for the show back in ’07, after they presented it to dude. The producers even had story boards, show posters, the whole nine.

Irvin probably told him the idea sucked and had them escorted out of his office by security. But, that was only so he could have the whole pie instead of splitting it 4 ways with these dudes. Smart thinking, except now he’s getting sued for it.

Hey, isn’t this the same thing that happened with Facebook and no one seems to care. And in Michael’s defense, he did come up with the name of the show, “4th and Long”, all on his own. Highlights from the show below…

This show sucks!


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