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Meet The World’s Oldest JerseyChaser

John Krease Dec 03

We might induct this guy into the yet-to-be-established JerseyChaser Hall of Fame. His name… Dewey Corn (great name). And he is the oldest known living JerseyChaser in the world. At 85 years old, he has been to every NC State Football game, both home and away, since 1975!

My dude hasn’t missed a nair-nada game in 30 plus years. On the other hand he has missed his brother’s and mother-in-law’s funeral and battled through pneumonia…all to attend the game and support the Wolfpack. Now that’s dedication. Yall young kids today don’t know nothing about that.

How many football games has he attended in his 33 year streak? Well to be exact, it is 389… and with the team set to appear in a bowl game this year, it looks like he will make it to 390!

So Dewey Corn, we salute you two times my dude. But, there are other super old JerseyChasers out there and we might try to find some so they can get some shine before they expire. But for now, just remember Dewey Corn and goooooo WolfPack!


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