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Brighten My Day NCAA Basketball

Meet Basketball’s Anna Kournikova…

John Krease Apr 15


We would like to crown Anna Kournikova, the luckiest athlete on the planet, for managing to become a professional “worker-outer” and not compete, but still collect millions from endorsements. Well today we would like you to meet the basketball version of her.

Above is Ali Watt who plays ball over at Georgia. But, this is just her side hustle. The girl has been modeling since she was in HS and we are not talking about taking a few bikini pictures for some creeper, it was for some little company called SEVEN Jeans. Yeah you’ve heard of them.

You kinda know you are a big deal when you have a Facebook Group whose sole purpose is to pay homage to your beauty. The chick is a 5’10 Dimeballer. And there are no if and buts about it.

Granted she is a walk-on, but she did win state back in HS and has scored a bucket in a game. So don’t hate the girl has got some skills.

So if anyone can make more money than a WNBA player and not play a lick of ball its Ali Watt. The best looking basketball player of all-time. So if you love her like we do join the group.


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