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McNair Broke All The Rules Of Having A Jump-Off…


Now we still don’t know the whole story of what went down with Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi… and we probably never will. All we know is that this tragedy is going to have a lot of men and women out there rethinking that side relationship they’re in.

If you’re going to have a jump-off…. cool, but don’t be out there buying her cars, putting her up in a crib, and telling the chick you love her just to keep her around…you’re just asking for trouble. If you’re going to do it right…meet her at a hotel always, never take her out under any circumstance, and never-ever-ever be photographed with her.

And ladies, if the man been’t married for years and he tells you he loves you and is about to leave his wife and kids for you, then you’s the fool. You know damn well ain’t nobody going to give up half their money in this recession for miss new booty.

Consider that Having a Jump-off for Dummies. And if you just want to see Sahel Kazemi Facebook photos, go here, otherwise updates on the case are below…

We had some late breaking news come in last night about the Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi murders, word is:

Kazemi bought a semi-automatic Thursday night after they got pulled over with McNair in the whip he bought her.

And just as we said in previous stories, the 911 call about McNair’s death was made by his friend at 1:30pm, over 30 minutes after he found the bodies…sounds shady.

Also, Steve and Michelle were looking to buy another house, so you can cancel all that talk about him selling it because he was about to get a divorce.


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