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McKayla Maroney and President Obama Do “Not Impressed” Face During Visit To White House


The US gymnastics gold-medal winning “Fierce Five” made a trip to the White House on Thursday, to hang out with Obama and them, as one of the most memorable Team USA representatives got to chop game with the President re-elect.

During the visit McKayla Maroney, who became a viral sensation with her “not impressed” face, managed to share a not impressed face with the leader of  the free world, who just happens to have one of the brokest jumpers in the history of politics.

Maroney sent out the following tweet whilst the Fierec Five was out there getting it in, to humblebrag about the legendary experience:

Did I just do the Not Impressed face with the President..?

Odds are the pair were talking about something Willard Romney related, likely referring to his main boo as a watchet…jajaja.

[via @McKaylaMaroney]


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