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Mavs Take Larry O’Brien Trophy To Miami Club To Pop Champagne Cause They Won The Championship Game


The Mavs wasted no time celebrating the team’s first NBA Championship, as the team took their talents out in South Beach, hitting Miami hotspot Club Liv to pop champagne like they won the championship game (cause they did).

Several members of the team and owner Mark Cuban were spotted getting it in all night long, showing off the Larry O’Brien Trophy, as the Mavs did Miami worser than Debbie did Dallas back in the day.

It’s one thing to win the deciding game on an opponent’s floor, but it’s quite another to hit the streets in your opponent’s city and stunt hard on the locals like Evil Kneivel.

Some may look at it as disrespectful, but like may Dad always says, “Tough Tidday!” More pics of the Mavs post-Finals celebration in Miami after the jump…


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