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Maurice Clarett Returns To Ohio State

(Guess that thing about the SI Cover jinx is pretty legit.)


Maurice Clarett is a maligned yet significant figure in NCAA and NFL history.  The 2005 third-round pick of the Broncos, starred as a freshman at Ohio State and then sued the NFL to gain early entry into the league. Clarett lost his case and failed miserably in his only opportunity to make the team.  He was later imprisoned on robbery and gun charges, and spent 3 years of his life behind bars.

Now 26, Clarett will never play football again but he is a star player in the game of life. Clarett has re-enrolled at The Ohio State University, and is working on his degree. Kudos to a  young man that became notorious for “getting his goose on” (drinking large quantities of grey goose vodka) during his playing days.

Now Clarett is trying get his graduation on, hopefully he has a few girls from back in the day still lingering around campus ready to provide quality knowledge. Clarett might be able to give them some brain in return, but he’d probably just like to be on the receiving end.


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