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Matt Barnes Hit With Questionable Flagrant 2 and Ejected After Fouling Kevin Love

Matt Barnes Ejected Flagrant Foul Kevin Love


Despite hailing from the same alma mater, Clipper forward Matt Barnes showed T-Wolves forward and fellow UCLA basketball alum Kevin Love no mercy during a meeting Sunday night, as Barnes was hit with a flagrant 2 and ejected following a hard foul in which Barnes appeared to make a play on the ball whilst preventing Love from an easy bucket.

Love and Barnes exchanged words after the incident, and where Barnes may have typically talked some shit in response to an opponent questioning him about some rough play, Barnes appeared to have an “its apart of the game” approach with Love, with a foul that probably wouldn’t have even been acknowledged 10-20 years ago.

Throughout his career Barnes has been involved in some situations that have warranted ejection, fines and tattoo interventions, but this was some bullshit and the NBA should at least reduce the flagrant 2 to a flagrant 1 and send Barnes an edible arrangement.


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