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Jajaja: Matt Barnes & Chris Webber Start Playing The Dozens in Legendary Twitter Lookalike Battle


Clippers forward Matt Barnes has a reputation around the League for getting his clown on at any moment and on Tuesday night this led to what would prove to be a legendary game of the dozens with NBA TV analyst Chris Webber.

Barnes stoked the fire initially upon witnessing Webber’s legendary hairdo by sending a split screen of C-Webb and Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Mr. Glass’ character from the move “Unbreakable” with the following tweet:

Unbreakable, watcha think they call me Mr Glass!!!

Naturally C-Webb felt his manhood questioned by the funny-cause-its-true clowning, and attempted to respond with a barrage of retaliatory Barnes lookalikes — incluidng Al B. Sure and “kid ray [that played] on lean on me,” but unfortunately none proved successful.

All Webber would have needed to do instead, was refer to Barnes as, El DeBarnes, the legendary name created by twitter savant @jose3030, to pay homage to Barnes’ El DeBarge-esque flossy hairdo.

[via @Matt_Barnes22, @realchriswebber]


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