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Mark Sanchez Knocks Turtle For Jamie-Lynn Sigler


Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (aka “The Sanchize” or “The Dirty”) was spotted at this function, during the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this week, getting all up in former Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s earlobe like a Q-Tip (either the standard or A Tribe Called Quest version). Apparently Sigler was rolling with the ‘ism that Sanchez was spitting as the 2 are reportedly seeing what that thang smell like. Sigler had previously been dating Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) from HBO’s Entourage, and also appeared in a re-occurring role on the show as Turtle’s Boo. Now she may be on the sidelines at Jets games next season, kicking it with Fireman Ed and them. Adding insult to knocking, you know that Turtle is a Giants fan, but also rolls with Tom Brady on the low.

More pics of Sanchez and Sigler making a love connection after the jump…

(Sanchez: Wait, so his name isn’t really Turtle? Whoaaaa…)


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