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Mark Jackson Gets Some Twitter Love From Silkk The Shocker After Dubs Playoff Win

Silkk The Shocker Mark Jackson


Following their 2nd straight playoff win, and 1st in the Town, Warriors head coach added to his lore with one of the most legendary occurrences in the history of social media in the form of a twitter exchange with rapper Silkk The Shocker of No Limit fame.

After Silkk (or should I call him The Shocker out of respect?) sent out a tweet congratulating Jackson and his squad on the win, Jackson personally retweeted with the following:

The relationship between Jackson and Silkk goes back like four flats on a Cadillac, with Jackson serving as a mentor type figure to Silkk, an avid basketball fan.

Jackson has to be the first head coach in NBA history that has retweeted a No Limit Soldier on multiple occasions, and even if it isn’t, this is some truly legendary shit.

No word if Silkk was able to make Jackson say, “uhh!”


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