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Mark Ingram Cries During Heisman Speech


Even though Mark Ingram was crying during his Heisman acceptance speech, my momma told me to never clown a man that is built like a pit bull dog. Ingram won by the slimmest margin in the history of the award, edging out Stanford running back Toby Gerhart, in what amounted to be a winner-by-default type of situation this year. Mark Ingram definitely did work this year in helping ‘Bama reach the BCS title game but Toby Gerhart was a beast all season. Gerhart also put up way better numbers this season than Ingram, leading the nation in scoring (160 points), rushing yards (1,753) and rushing touchdowns (26)…At Stanford no less. At a school known for squares (some a little more freaky than others), Gerhart dominated defenses with an old school style, and a got his team within a few games of a Pac-10 championship.

Colt McCoy went into Championship weekend the favorite, but his nasty performance against Nebraksa was overshadowed by the dominance of Ndamukong Suh, who came a second short of single-handedly getting his team the upset. For his efforts Suh did win the southwest region vote finishing behind McCoy in the overall voting. Even though he didn’t win the most prestigious award in college football, it can be argued that the signing bonus award he’s going to win for being the top pick in the draft, will probably make him feel a little better.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow received a courtesy trip to the festivities, finishing fifth in the voting after Florida tricked off their chance to be one of the greatest dynasties in college football history. Tebow still has the chance for redemption with a meeting against a Brian Kelly-less undefeated Cinncinati squad, but crowning him the all-time king of college football is all but a memory now.


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  1. Chuck December 13, 2009

    Are you serious. Winner by default? First off look at total touches. Toby had 21 more yards that Mark. Second. Mark only carried 46% of Alabama’s carries this year. Toby 62%. Furthermore, Mark would ride Bama to the five yard line and then Saban would take him out and let Trent Richardson get the TD. Stats is not what this award should be about. It should go to the best player. Mark went up against six of the top ranked defenses in the country. Toby. ONE. And it was 20th ranked Oregon. I respect Toby, and would love to see what he would do against SEC defenses. But this wasn’t an award by default. It was an award that came down to two excellent running backs, that both could have claimed the trophy, but yet, in the end, it went to the right player when you really look at the “stats”, and even more so when you look at the intangibles.

  2. IronMan December 14, 2009

    Ingram won becuase he is black – that’s all. He still sucks and cries like a little bitch cause daddy in jail.


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