Mark Cuban Pump Fakes Twitter With Bogus Claim He Won $20 Million on Broncos Super Bowl Safety

Mark Cuban Super Bowl Safety


Mavs owner Mark Cuban decided to troll twitter during the Super Bowl, claiming that he won $20 million betting on the Broncos to give up a safety on the opening play of the game.

There have now been safeties in 3 consecutive Super Bowls, and odds this year for a safety in Super Bowl XLVIII were 8-1, with the odds of it coming on the first play of the game at 50-1, meaning that Cuban would have had to drop some serious dough on this highly unlikely prop bet to make $20 million.

Shortly after his first tweet, Cuban posted the following tweet to let the Twitterverse know that he was just bullshitting about winning $20 million on the Super Bowl safety…and you know this, man.

Mark Cuban Psych Tweet

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