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Mark Cuban Joins Athlete Ally Advisory Board

Mark Cuban


 Dallas Mavericks owners Mark Cuban has taken a bold step in the ongoing civil rights movement for the gay community, officially joining the Advisory Board of Athlete Ally, a non-profit organization that encourages sports figures to use their influence to challenge homophobia and transphobia in sports.

The announcement was made today via the Athlete Ally website, which noted Cuban’s strong support of the LGBT community:

Cuban, an advocate of LGBT rights and gay inclusion in the NBA, has said he would be honored to have an openly gay player on the Mavericks. Cuban will advise Athlete Ally on its programming to help make sports a more welcoming environment for both LGBT athletes and fans.

“It’s a new world. Everyone should know that they can be themselves in sports. Leagues like the NBA, their teams and players have a great opportunity to set an example and spread a message to people who are either LGBT or straight that our culture should be celebrated for diversity and individual authenticity.”…..

On the Athlete Ally Advisory Board, Cuban joins Navratilova, Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo, LA Galaxy star Robbie Rogers, NBA Executive Kathy Behrens, NFL pioneer David Kopay, NFL Network commentator Mark Kriegel, The Tennis Channel sportscaster Brett Haber, journalist and commentator LZ Granderson, WTA icon Rennae Stubbs, President of the Minnesota United Football Club Nick Rogers, Cornell University professor Beth Livingston, international Greco-Roman wrestler Akil Patterson and The Jim Rome Show’s Erin Sharoni.

Throughout the course of his life, Cuban has proved that sometimes it’s hip to be a square, becoming a role model for those looking to properly turn up like an oven once they get their money right.

[via Athlete Ally, + LeBron dap to @ErinSharoni]


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