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Marion Jones Trying To Make Comeback Like 2-3


Widely known fact: Marion Jones went to the penn after lying about juicing like Jamba. Little Decently known fact: Marion Jones can ball, and even though she made her paper on the track like Pimpin’ Snooky, it should come as no surprise that Jones has been training with the WNBA’s San Antonio Silver Stars since October. A year after her release from Federal prison, the 34 year old is trying to become the oldest rookie in WNBA history and her chances of making the squad are pretty realistic.

Jones was a standout basketball player at Thousand Oaks high school in California, before heading to Chapel Hill, where she was a star on the track and court at North Carolina. She was the starting point guard on the Tar Heels’ National Championship team in 1994. If not for a string of foot injuries, Jones would have most likely made the 1996 Olympic squad. Most likely.

Jones was a major player in the whole BALCO debacle a few year’s back and was forced to relinquish all of her medals for her admitted steroid use. She also served a 6-month term in a Fort Worth, Texas Federal prison for lying to federal investigators and for her participation in a check fraud scheme that her old boo Tim Montgomery got her mixed up in. After years of humiliation and degradation, Jones has the opportunity for a second chance with her second-favorite sport. We would love to see her get some buckets. Via New York Times


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