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Marbury’s Comeback = Decent…Pic of Tom & Gisele

John Krease Mar 01

Awww how cute the newly weds loving. How big of a pimp is Tom Brady, the day after him and Gisele get married in Santa Monica they fly out to Boston the next day of the 27th to go to the Celtics vs Pacers game. This dude skipped a honeymoon and 36 hour tratic sex, probably somewhere over looking the ocean, with one of the most beautifulest girls on the planet – to go to Stef’s first game back.

Now if that’s not a jerseychaser, then what do you call that?

Now to Stef. 8 points, 1 board, and 2 assist…not bad after not playing most of the season. But, still not enough assist for us and too many turnovers (3). This dude needs to drive and KICK.

If Ray is open, then pass the Sugar. Paul Pierce, yeah feed him to. The dude can get buckets with the best of them, as he showed last year when he went toe to toe with Bron and Kobe and won. Shit we even say we would rather have Eddie House shoot the rock over Stef. Now, Rondo…that’s a different story.


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