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Marbury About To Officially Be A Celtic!

John Krease Feb 27

So we have an inside source that is telling us the Marbury is going to sign with the Celtics today and eve dress out for tonights home game against the Pacers. Word is he will sign the contract today and get the vet minimum which is $1.3 million. Very nice, he got back almost all of the $2 milli he had to give up to get out of his contract. We are just sad the Celtics don’t play the Knicks again this year.

Now the question is will he mesh with the already sick Celtic squad? And we say yes. Stef knows he already blew what could have been a dynasty in Minnesota with KG, when he left and went for the money. Now after not playing all year, he should be cool coming off the bench behind Rondo and giving people buckets. Or the AI Piston effect could take place and the Celtics could just suck.


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  1. Erikkk February 28, 2009

    buck KG & Marbury…….


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