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Manny Ramirez Is A Legend (Like Bagger Vance)


Manny Ramirez may have been born in the Dominican Republic, but he has spent a good portion of his life in America, where he has become fluent in speaking the Kings.

During his introductory press conference with the White Sox Tuesday (who were playing at Cleveland, another of Ramirez’s former teams) Manny decided to conduct his entire press conference in espanol, with a translator right by his side for the whole ordeal. The majority of American reporters in the crowd asked Manny their questions in english, which he obviously understood, then proceeded to answer the question in spanish which the translator bridging the gap.

Manny has gained a reputation throughout his career for being a character, which has caused the media to cast a negative light on him. Conducting the press conference in spanish was just another beautiful demonstration of “Manny being Manny,” and not bowing down to squares just because they want him to.

Looks like Manny has the juice now (literally).


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