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Manny Comes Back Tomars!


Manuel Aristides (Onelcida) Ramirez is a beast and much like Pimpin’ Snookin…he’s back. After serving a 50 game suspension for juicing like Jack LaLanne and breaking bread to the tune of nearly $8 milli, the legend is finally back to doing what he does best – getting in that ass like a wedgie.

He may be a cheater, but he’s good for business.

Unlike ARod, we weren’t salty at Manny for getting busted. The ‘ish he was taking was a drug known to be used by athletes coming off a cycle, but Manny claimed he was using to get his rocks off. My meat is similar to filet mignon so I never understood personally what he was dealing with, but respected his desire to maintain his libido.

Bottom line, we are still rolling with Manny…he has brought that magical feeling back to Los Angeles…just like when the Lake Show got Shaq. We don’t really watch baseball but whenever Manny is playing, it’s a different story. The dreads are sick, the swing is sick, the interviews are sick and the Dodgers are way sicker when Manny is in the lineup.

If Manny can lead the Dodgers to a World Series championship, he will get a clean slate just like Kobe.


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