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Man Down! Video Review Confirms Deron Williams Got His Ankles Broken by Jose Calderon


After some extensive video review, and arbitration by a committee featuring original members of the And1 Mixtape team, it has been confirmed that Nets guard Deron Williams did indeed get his ankles broken by Jose Calderon during an pre-Olympic exhibition earlier this week.

D-Will was in the midst of some suffocating defense when Calderon quickly went behind his back to change direction, causing WIlliams to nearly do the splits like some ice cream with a banana.

For some reason (probably a conspiracy) Calderon didn’t get anywhere near the love that he deserved for breaking the Brooklyn Nets’ (damn near) $100 million man, but the dude providing some Grade A hood commentary on the video definitely lets it be known.

Video of Deron Williams getting his ankles broken by Jose Calderon after the jump…


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