Man Down! “Bottoms” Breaks Trevor Ariza’s Ankles at Drew League (Same Dude That Shook The Game)


After clowning The Game last weekend with one of the most ridiculous crossovers in recent memory, SoCal basketball legend Brandon “Bottoms” Heath has added another victim, this time Hornets guard Trevor Ariza, suffering a fate similar to Bryon Russell’s in MJ’s Game 6  sonning for the ring.

It should be noted that Bottoms and Ariza have a long history together on the basketball court and they were actually high school teammates at Westchester.

After becoming a viral sensation, Heath is continuing to make a name for himself, and providing fans at the Drew League with some quality entertainment.

But guaranteed Ariza is going to let this ride and this should be suitable motivation to see him embarrass a few unlucky defenders in the coming weeks at the Drew.

Video of Bottoms breaking Trevor Ariza’s ankles after the jump…

[special thanks to The Basketball Channel and The Drew League]

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