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LOL: Tracy Morgan Calls Palin “Great Masturbation Material” During NBA On TNT Pregame Show


Somebody gone get pregnant! During the NBA on TNT’s live broadcast of the Heat-Knicks game Thursday night, comedian/actor Tracy Morgan took it to a whole new level, when he referred to Sarah Palin as “great masturbation material” during an interview with Charles, Kenny and Ernie.

Morgan is no stranger to dropping some legendary lines during live interviews, and has consistently shown a penchant for saying whatever he damn well pleases with little to no backlash. This proves yet again that if someone is funny, you can’t really be offended.

But in this particular case it is hard to find issue with Morgan’s analysis of Palin, who will likely try to be President in 2012. In the political sphere Palin is definitely one of your more moneyable representatives, looking more ready for the “D” than your homie who didn’t study for the test.

Unfortunately the “D” has nothing to do with getting a vote to run the show.


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