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LOL: T.O. (DJ 81) On Ustream Promoting Safe Sex, Stripping & Talking Trash To Browns


Terrell Owens, aka DJ 81, has been spending his spare time moonlighting on Ustream, providing a special playlist for the “Grown & Sexy.” During T.O.’s most recent broadcast Wednesday night, the Bengals wide receiver took some time out to advocate for the practicing of safe sex, encouraging viewers to get them things (condoms) if they planned on watching the entire show.

DJ 81’s Ustream show plays a variety of slow jams, which Owens likes to refer to as “baby making” music. T.O. also managed to devote some of the show letting fans know that he and Ochocinco were ready to do some work in Cleveland this weekend. Owens then proceeds to do a little strip tease for the ladies and/or dudes that like dudes.

Check out a fairly solid recap of all the video has to offer after the jump…

:08– T.O. cracks up after a viewer says “get your magnums” (for the small meated square that has no clue, a magnum is a larger sized condom. Some extraordinarily-meated gentlemen, present company included, need an even larger size known as the XL magnum.)

:17– “I’m not condoning sex, I’m not condoning none of that…just, don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do. But if you do, name it after me.”

1:01– Viewer says that if she gets pregnant is because of  T.O. to which Owens responds, “no you’re not, I told you to go out there and get those things (magnums).”

1:32– Owens completely contradicts his previous safe sex promotion by saying, “For all the ones that’s married, together, yeah I’m trying to make some babies tonight, yeah, this is baby making Wednesday.”

2:31– “Oh yeah I’m definitely ready,  I’m ready for Cleveland, but is Cleveland ready for me? Batman and Robin we gone be there.”

2:56– T.O. unzips his jacket and shows off his chest (NSFSD = Not Safe For Straight Dudes)


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