LOL: Shaq Reacts To Getting Fined $35k By NBA


When you’ve been caking NBA dough for damn near 20 years like Shaq has, getting a $35k fine from the League is comparable to an average square getting a parking ticket. To Shaq, 35 stacks ain’t nothing but a few rings and a haircut, which makes the Big Diesel’s Shamrock’s reaction after finding out that he got the fine even that much more priceless.

Tricking off dough is nothing new for Shaq, after he admitted to getting broken for 200 stacks by producer/rapper Jermaine Dupri during the NBA All-Star game at Cowboys stadium last February.

After basically laughing in the face of David Stern and the rest of the NBA suits, as Paul Pierce mentions in the video, Shaq should probably receive another fine from the League for clowning them.

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