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LOL: Shaq Gets Served By Sugar Shane Mosley


Ever since Shaq’s show, “Shaq Vs.,” debuted last year, we have been rolling. Last night’s episode proved to be legendary as Shaq took on former welterweight champion (and owner of a Hot Tub Time Machine-esque jheri curl) Sugar Shane Mosley in a 5-round match at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.

This was truly a “David vs. Broliath” boxing match, as Shaq is about a foot and a half taller and outweighs Mosley by around 200 pounds. Whilst the Big Diesel was giving Sugar Shane the business for the most of the fight, Mosley did manage to use a little technique to hit Shaq with more combos than McDonald’s, Jack in the Crack, Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr. combined.

For his marvelous display of skill and hanging with Shaq for 5 rounds, Mosley won the fight by unanimous decision. But that just might have been a little of that TV magic, because ain’t no way Sugar Shane could get with Shaq in real life. It would be a certified beasting for sho.


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