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LOL: Ron Artest Plays Dodgeball With Some Squares


Here is yet another reason why Ron Artest, aka QB’s Finest, is a legend. There aren’t too many dudes in the NBA that would be spotted during their summer vacation enjoying a solid game of dodgeball. Artest was a member of Team Zankou (Chicken), a pretty solid restaurant where employees apparently spend their off time participating in a local Los Angeles-area dodgeball league.

Artest made a guest appearance in the game, where sadly his skills on the basketball court didn’t translate well. Artest was knocked out early in the game, similar to most of the dudes that Mike Tyson fought when he was a youngster.

On another note, we’ve heard that most professional groupies are big fans of the sport, but naturally they play there version with a different set of rules and usually a pair of (human) balls. Via Deadspin


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