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NFL Questionable Call Swag Video

LOL: Philly Fans Clown Governor Ed Rendell With “Non-Wussies” Seat During Eagles-Vikings Game


After Pennslyvania Governor Ed Rendell took some shots at the NFL, Eagles and the Mayor of Philadelphia this weekend for postponing what was supposed to be a Sunday Night matchup against Vikings until Tuesday after concerns of a potential blizzard. Rendell is a longtime season ticket holder

Even though the weather cleared up the move didn’t end up benefitting the Eagles, as they tricked off a chance at a bye.

Rendell made some pretty questionable remarks during multiple rants through the beginning of this week, including some borderline racist comments about the Chinese and calculus.

Naturally Rendell pissed off some people in the Eagles organization, mainly owner Jeff Lurie, with his adamant opposition to postponing the matchup 2 days, playing only the 2nd regular-season game on a Tuesday in League history. So the Eagles paid him back by piling a heap of snow on a seat with a sign that read “THIS SEAT RESERVED FOR NON-WUSSIES.”

Those who got clowned by Rendell, have insinuated that he is an attention whore, but in this particular situation Rendell did make some valid arguments, as the blizzard that the city was bracing for ended up being weaker than baby’s piss, making the Eagles and Philly look soft for not wanting to play in the snow.

But if the blizzard did hit harder than that new Dr. Dre track, guaranteed Rendell would have felt like a douche.

Video of the Eagles taking a shot back at Rendell with the “NON-WUSSIE” seat after the jump…



  1. Joe White December 29, 2010

    Democrat Rendell looks for a way to describe the pathetic weakness of Americans, so he uses a misogynistic term.

    And the media yawns. And giggles.

    You can bet if he were a Republican that the media and the NOW would be spitting fire and calling for his resignation.

    What’s that called? oh yeah a double standard


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