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LOL: Ochocinco Makes Cameo On David Letterman


The boy Chad Ochocinco is a legend. The Dude is everywhere that you want to be like Visa. Taking advantage of the Bengals bye week, Chad went on a media tour that rivaled something LeBron James would give you. Ocho Cinco appeared on several ESPN shows on Thursday and then finished up his day at the David Letterman show, where he delivered a pretty solid Top 10, whilst simultaneously promoting his new book that bears his namesake.

Since the Bengals are doing solid this season, 5-2 and currently leading the AFC North, Chad can pursue all of these various enterprises, incluing an iPhone app and the twitter-fueled OCNN (Ocho Cinco News Network) and receive a great deal of support. But you can best believe that if the Bengals were sucking like in years past, Ocho Cinco wouldn’t be getting nearly as much attention. Child Please!


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