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LOL: Mini Chinese Hurdler Not Rolling With Hurdles


I’d have to imagine that if you are the same size as a hurdle that you are trying to jump over, you may have a difficult time getting over it. If you don’t believe me just ask this midget Chinese hurdler (who shall remain nameless) who managed to miss every hurdle, and even knocked over another runner’s hurdle, during a recent race.

After the little guy misses the first hurdle, he pretty much throws in the towel, and proceeds to try and run through every other hurdle in his lane. His plan is going well until he hits a hurdle that he just can’t run through, trips and lands in the next lane, almost causing a regular-sized runner to fall as well.

I’ve always been a big advocate for an Olympics that caters specifically to midgets, and after looking at this mini-hurdler embarrass himself, it’s time to make it happen.

Video of the mini Chinese hurdler doing his thing after the jump…


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