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Jajaja NBA Questionable Call Video

Jajaja: Justin Bieber Gets Shot Blocked By Scottie Pippen


Jay-Z once said, “…if we stay strong, we can get paper longer than Pippen’s arms,” a classic lyric because its true, Scottie Pippen’s arms are longer than Dikembe Mutombo’s real name and during the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Justin Bieber (aka poor man’s Ellen Degeneres…woop!) found this out the hard way.

Bieber, who for some reason was named the games MVP despite a mediocre performance, tried to pull up for a jumper in Pippen’s grill, and got his shot gloved like a Marine’s meat during some quality shore leave.

Bieber responded by playfully trying to pull down Pippen’s shorts as they both ran back down to the other end of the floor, nearly exposing Scottie’s hog to the millions (and millions) of viewers tuning into the game. One can only wonder if it’s as lanky as his arms (guaranteed Michael Jordan knows).

I’ve never really been a big fan of trying to pants another dude, that’s kind of homoerotic, sort of like the bond that Troy Aikman and Joe Buck share during the NFL season. Just saying.

Video of Bieber getting his shot blocked by Scottie Pippen after the jump…


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