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LOL: Gloria Estefan Trapped In Suite At Dolphins Game


Dolphins minority Gloria Estefan (who is looking thicker than a snicker) got into a tough situation Sunday night during her squad’s loss to (paper champs) Jets. According to Estefan’s youtube description:

Well not exactly… but, last night at the Miami Dolphins Game Gloria got locked in her suite right before she was suppose to be on the field for the Half Time Show to introduce Enrique Iglesias!! Staff called a locksmith, security, firemen and no one was able to open or arrive in time, so Gloria opted to climb out of her window on the THIRD level and jump into the neighboring suite. Thankfully she took off her brand new Dolphin-green YSL pumps before crawling over and then running onto the field making it just in time!!

Good thing Estefan was still able to make it to the field in time, because Enrique Iglesias waits for no woman.


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